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Momentum with MemberVault

So you’ve decided MemberVault is the right place to show off your expertise online (and who wouldn’t?) but every time you login, look at all the empty settings and think about actually building it out and connecting up your other systems you want to throw in the towel...

– or suddenly want to eat all the cookies in the house...

Setting up any new technology can be overwhelming and maybe this is you:

  • You know how you want it to look, but working out how to make it happen is just TOO much, you just want to have it finished.
  • You know your subject, you know what you want to say and maybe you’ve even recorded some videos - but how on earth do you embed and play them inside MemberVault?
  • You’re not sure where your documents should live to make sure all your downloads actually download.
  • You want your content to flow nicely and your clients to see the next steps but you’re finding modules and lessons hard to navigate.
  • You need to work out how to integrate your payment processor.
  • You want to send emails to the people that signed up - but what’s an API key and where do you put it and how do you trigger emails to go out?
  • You want to know how people are using your content and if they’re getting stuck at any point and need your help – or if it’s time to help them celebrate
  • You're wondering if your adverts are working well and if anyone is signing up for your courses from your Facebook or Google Ads

Or maybe you’ve just realized that your time is valuable and you’d just prefer to pay someone else to do all this stuff.

Now you can relax.

I’ve been working with online tech for more than 17 years. I love to get systems working together and for my clients to feel less stressed about getting their expertise out in to the world.

I’d love to get yours setup and ready – and I’ll also show you how to start collecting the numbers so you know what’s working and what isn’t (but if you prefer I’ll do that quietly in the background because I know numbers sometimes bring people out in a rash even more than the tech!)

sharon testimonial

So here’s how I can help:

I can:

  • Take your content and make sure your products and courses are online and ready to go.
  • Ensure your MemberVault site is consistent with your brand by using your exact colours, fonts and images.
  • Format your content and have the layout looking just right.
  • help you edit your videos and images and embed them in your content.
  • Integrate all your other apps with MemberVault - from your WordPress website, your email marketing system, videos, documents for download, analytics and adverts.
  • Show you how to collect the numbers from each stage of your marketing process so you can make some data-driven decisions for your online business (even if you hate numbers)

I’m sure I can help you, so I recommend that you set up a FREE consultation with me today.

Sign up here and answer just a few questions so I know more about you and how I might be able to make your life easier. You’ll be able to set a time for our call to see how we can work together.

Click on the “Let’s Get Started” button below and you'll be on your way.

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