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The Perfect Pricing Formula for Virtual Assistants

Not sure if your pricing is right?

This is the ultimate workbook for setting the right rates for you

Many Virtual Assistants begin their pricing strategy by matching the average industry price, looking at their competition, or undercutting rivals … Successful Virtual Assistants don’t

Whether you’re a new business, or looking to review your prices, this 25-page workbook will take you through each step to finding your perfect pricing strategy, including:

  • How to convert an employed salary to a freelance hourly rate, so you can start up with confidence
  • How to explain the difference between those rates to a client
  • Why you shouldn’t charge the industry average for VAs
  • How to work out your hourly rate for the lifestyle you want
  • What you need to do to be able to charge more for your services
  • Charging for additional services to raise your worth to clients
  • How to create a pricing strategy that will attract top paying clients

You’ll get a printable pdf workbook for you to write in and scribble all over

Pricing is the number one thing that most VAs worry about getting wrong, so I’ve done a lot of the hard work that goes into working out the right rates for you

I bet you are worth far more than your rates would suggest – and reviewing your prices could lead to the lifestyle you want overnight!

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The Perfect Pricing Formula

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